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Ideal Home magazine is mocked for bizarre interior design tip

Pete Otway, a comedian from Manchester, tweeted a snap of a page from Ideal Home, which told readers how stacking books with their spines facing the walls keeps a colour scheme 'neutral'.

Interior design aficionados are always on the look out for tips that will help make their home look picture perfect.

But not everyone will be following the example of one creative type whose living room graced the pages of Ideal Home magazine.  

Twitter user Pete Otway snapped a picture of a photo shoot from the magazine, illustrating how featured homeowner Lauren stacks her books back to front on her shelf - with the colourful spines facing the wall. 

The magazine explained it allowed Lauren to 'keep the look neutral', but Otway, unconvinced, joked that it made her a 'blithering idiot'.  

Ideal Home published a tip from a homeowner known only as Lauren who stacked her bookshelf backwards

The magazine printed a picture of her shelf filled with books, all neatly stacked with the page side and not the spine facing, raising the question of how she'd find a specific title without pulling the whole collection from the shelf. 

A heading on the shoot read: 'Lauren keeps the look neutral by stacking books back to front.'  

Otway, a comedian from Manchester, shared a picture of the page on Twitter, mocking the tip.

He tweeted: 'Well Lauren's a blithering idiot then, isn't she?'

Pete Otway, a comedian from Manchester, mocked the tip on Twitter, calling Lauren a 'blithering idiot'

Otway's post has since gone viral, wracking up over 100,000 likes and retweets on Twitter.

Twitter users also mocked the tip, with many questioning how Lauren would pick out a book to read from her shelves.

Another questioned whether she would have to move her letter-shaped book-ends on her shelf 'anytime they want to read a book'.

The tweet has since gone viral, with many users poking fun at Lauren's interior design choices

One rather cheeky Twitter user mocked the retro style of her home, and asked if she lived 'in 1974'.

Another joked that the J in the picture wasn't 'staying with her for her mind'.

MailOnline has contacted Ideal Home and is awaiting comment.