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Hugh Jackman leads The Greatest Showman cast in strong live outing

The live performance aired on Fox during the broadcast of A Christmas Story Live! on Sunday, days before the P.T. Barnum musical biopic hits theaters.

It's an eye-popping glimpse into one of the most-anticipated motion pictures this holiday season.

The Greatest Showman's Hugh Jackman, 49, led the way on Sunday in a live ensemble performance of the song Come Alive, also featuring the film's Zac Efron, 30, Zendaya, 21, and Keala Settle, 42.

The performance aired on Fox during the broadcast of A Christmas Story Live! on Sunday, days before the P.T. Barnum musical biopic hits theaters.

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Soaking it in: Hugh Jackman, 49, put on a spirited live performance of a new song called Come Alive on Fox Sunday during the broadcast of A Christmas Story Live!

In the performance, which was filmed on the Warner Bros. lot, Jackman wore a black top hat and long red coat over a red vest adorned with golden buttons, directing traffic in an ensemble that consisted of more than 150 backup dancers.

Jackman rounded out his look with tight black pants and boots.

Efron, who plays Phillip Carlyle in the film, wore a dark navy blue suit with a creme vest, sporting a mustache and a sleek combed coif.

Zendaya, who takes the role of Anne Wheeler, had a hot pink coif with a long-sleeved ocean blue dress with a sheer top with a butterfly pattern on the chest and sleeves.

Care to dance? Zac Efron, 30, and Zendaya, 21, showed off their singing and dancing skills in the extended ad for the forthcoming film 

Leading the charge: Jackman stars in the titular role of P.T. Barnum in the movie 

They sang the upbeat tune Come Alive, an original song penned by award-winning songwriters Justin Paul and Benj Pasek, with the catchy chorus: 'When the world becomes a fantasy/ And you're more than you could ever be/ 'Cause you're dreaming with your eyes wide open.'

Jackman, a musical veteran who took home a Tony Award in 2004 for his role in The Boy From Oz, told Playbill on Saturday that he's really proud of the pop-infused performance he's delivered in this film.

'I have never loved singing more,' he told the publication, adding, 'I find it really difficult to listen to myself sing. I’ll be listening to the Broadway channel sometimes and they’ll announce me and I immediately turn it off. But with this, I can actually listen to myself.'

On with the show: The number was recorded on the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, California 

Training: Jackman worked with vocal coach Liz Caplan in preparation for the movie 

Jackman said that he had help from acclaimed vocal coach Liz Caplan, who he credited with 'really [making him] fall in love with singing' amid preparation for the anticipated blockbuster.

Jackman said he and Caplan worked to change his pitch to something 'a little more pop' for the movie. He said: 'I wanted to do a different style from the way I’d been singing before, the way I’d learn to sing. For me I really had to go back to the beginning.'

Energetic: Veteran performer Keala Settle plays the role of Lettie Lutz in the feature film

Period piece: Efron and Zendaya dazzled in their ornate costumes

Strong impression: The highly-anticipated film is slated to hit theaters December 20

Jackman said that he 'came to singing late,' noting that when he took the stage to perform as Gaston in a Melbourne, Australia production of Beauty and the Beast in 1995, he was contractually-obligated to 'have a singing lesson every week,' which impacted his abilities as a vocalist.

'What happened was I was learning on the job … and I kind of developed a voice that was not fully mine,' he revealed.

Fans on the talented actor will get to see him sing plenty when The Greatest Showman hits theaters December 20.