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How THIS technique can end a fear of flying - with the Duchess of Cornwall a fan

FEAR OF flying can ruin a trip when it comes to flying long-haul, yet a new technique that even the Duchess of Cornwall employs could end it once and for all.


Fear of flying can be beaten with this medical technique

A fear of flying can prevent many holiday seekers from choosing a trip abroad so they can avoid a long haul flight.

Yet a new method that can help travellers overcome it has recently been revealed.

It has emerged that even the Duchess of Cambridge a fan. 

Her recent biography talks of how she has helped reduce her fear with the simple technique.

Called “tapping”, it is a form of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which means tapping on meridian lines on the body to release their negative energy.

This is similar to the way in which acupuncture works, yet doesn't require any needles.

It isn’t just a fear of flying it can stop, as it can also explore previous trauma for heights, spiders or even depression and anxiety.

With those who want to try it, they can learn to do it themselves as the method is safe and easy to learn, although it is advised to seek a professional for those trying it for the first time.


Fear of flying can be beaten by

Mark Bristow, a leading EFT Practitioner explained that one client, through the method of tapping, helped to discover that it was the smell of diesel, not flying that she was scared of, helping her to get through her issue.

Bristow explained: "It's not uncommon for people to come to me with a problem that is holding them back in life, like a phobia, or an issue with money.

“After a few sessions, we usually discover that beneath the fear there is something else holding them back. 

“Once we resolve that issue, using EFT the original problem usually just disappears.”


Fear of flying is also experienced by the Duchess of Cambridge

One pilot also gave his top tips on how passengers can avoid the fear that affects one in four people.

Captain Steve Allright, a pilot on the British Airways’ Flying with Confidence Course explained how turbulence is often the biggest scare, despite it not being dangerous.

Understanding the aircraft and how they work can also help, as well as learning to control breathing.

With the course having helped over 500,000 people, many can attend to beat the fear once and for all.

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