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Here's All The Things No One Tells You About Hollywood

No one works when it rains.

1. If you're late because of "traffic," people actually believe you.

therealfelixbaumgartner / Via instagram.com

2. Bringing your dog everywhere is completely acceptable.

frenchie_handsome.junior / Via instagram.com

Dogs are like children here.


3. The stars are actually just a part of the regular old sidewalk in Hollywood.

vainaminha1987 / Via instagram.com

4. Getting somewhere is always estimated in minutes, never miles.

iamzelmonster / Via instagram.com

5. And every two miles you're basically in a different city.


6. Everyone pretty much prefers sparkling water over soda (or pop, for you Midwesterners).


7. If you don't use reusable bags to help save the environment, you will pay 10 cents per sack at the grocery store.

radianceharris / Via instagram.com


8. No one really knows how to drive in the rain, so rainy days are like snow days here.

salle_de_victoria / Via instagram.com

9. There are literally only a few Walmarts, but Targets are everywhere and they have multi-leveled parking garages.

caresse19 / Via instagram.com

10. The Hollywood sign is really just like a billboard that never changes.

benjibear76 / Via instagram.com

And it’s actually illegal to go near it.

11. People don't really run into famous people every single day.


But everyone you meet DOES have a story or three about a run-in with a celebrity.

12. You're guaranteed to get a parking ticket over $65 at least three times a year.

petravasvari / Via instagram.com


13. Oh, and you could get a jaywalking ticket that's about $250 or a red light camera ticket that's over $490.

the.jch10 / camerajammer / Via instagram.com / instagram.com

14. Very few people are actually from LA, so you never exchange phone numbers without giving your area code first.


15. Not every server is a struggling actor, and if they are, they're probably sick of being asked if they are one.

shakerato3600 / Via instagram.com

16. You can expect your street, your grocery store, your mall, or even the freeway to be shut down for filming pretty regularly.

staciel3 / Via instagram.com

17. Lastly, living in Los Angeles is F&%*ING expensive, and also F&%*ING worth it. But you already knew that. 😉

nicole_dionne / Via instagram.com

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