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Hedge Fund Exec Lists Hamptons Estate for $70 Million

Barry Rosenstein purchased a $137 million home in East Hampton in 2014, setting the record for the most expensive home ever sold in the United States.


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MANSION Why Some Siblings Become Neighbors

Amy Mikler for The Wall Street Journal

Multigenerational living is on the rise in the U.S., as are large compounds of separate buildings for just one family. But architects and home builders are noting the emergence of requests by siblings for separate homes on the same property, usually divided. Whether built on land left to them by parents or property purchased by one or both, these brothers and sisters are homesteading together, but apart.

Hotshot Tech Founders Face a Dilemma: Lay Low or Live Large?

Jae C. Hong/AP

The CEOs of tech “unicorns”—large, well-funded startups that are valued at over $1 billion—are under the microscope, since many raised money at ultrahigh valuations based on the promise of extreme growth that may, or may not, be realized. Bay Area real-estate agents say their clients are becoming reluctant to buy fancy homes, for fear of spooking investors wary of distracted or high-living founders.

Hedge Fund Exec Barry Rosenstein Lists Hamptons Estate for $70 Million

David Duncan Livingston

Barry Rosenstein, the hedge-fund manager who paid a record price for a home in East Hampton in 2014, is putting his previous Hamptons home on the market for $70 million. The oceanfront home is just off Lily Pond Lane, one of the Hamptons’ best known streets.

Three Adjacent Manhattan Townhouses Go On the Market

Brian Wittmuss/VHT Studios

Real-estate investor Joseph Chetrit is listing a collection of three adjacent Upper East Side townhouses for $51 million, $44 million and $39 million apiece.

One for All: Los Angeles Estate with 20 Bathrooms Asks $45 Million

Simon Berlyn

A Los Angeles estate owned for many years by the late agent-to-the-stars Ed Limato is listing for $45 million. On 1.6 acres in the Coldwater Canyon area, the main house is approximately 13,400 square feet and has seven bedrooms. There is also a separate, roughly 6,400-square-foot guesthouse with three bedrooms.

HOUSE OF THE DAY An Expat’s Italian Retreat

Casa & Country

With its elaborate ceiling frescoes, this garden-level apartment in Florence recalls its past as a palazzo.

GREATER NEW YORK REAL ESTATE Zoning Change Won’t Stop Manhattan Tower

Alexander Cohn/The Wall Street Journal

Opponents of a planned 800-foot-tall tower in Manhattan notched a win on Wednesday when the New York City Planning Commission approved a zoning plan that places height restrictions on new projects in the Sutton Place neighborhood. But it was a hollow victory because the commission also granted an exception for the 800-foot tower itself, despite the efforts of local legislators and neighborhood groups to stop it.

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