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Google Maps mystery: Disturbing image of two people on deserted island

GOOGLE MAPS has revealed a disturbing image caught on a rocky island in Brazil.

Google Maps

Google Maps: A disturbing image was spotted in Brazil

Google Maps can both amuse and shock users with its images taken around the world.

The street view cars - created in 2007 - open up the world for people to explore from the seat of their chair.

Sometimes the camera can capture bizarre images that leave people scratching their heads.

A disturbing scene was spotted in Brazil with two people.

They appear to have no necks with their heads attached to their shoulders

The two beachgoers were spotted standing on a rock on a deserted beach with no one else around.

Called the Praia dos Naufragados, the beach is surrounded by green mountains.

Getting closer to the rock, the man and woman dressed in beach clothes can be seen clambering down the rock.

They appear to have no necks with their heads attached to their shoulders in a creepy sight.

Google Maps

Google Maps: The two people can be seen climbing down the rock

Thankfully it isn’t anything to do with them at all and is actually to do with the street view camera.

When the 360-camera gets too close to something, it can often affect it by splicing the images together.

It then creates an optical illusion or disfigurement in people.

Another man in Bolivia was also seen in a weird position after some camera trickery.

Google Maps

Google Maps: The two people appear to have no necks

A lone traveller was caught by the Google car looking out to sea.

At first glance, nothing seems out of the ordinary as he wears a stylish headscarf.

His hair doesn’t appear to be his hair at all, despite looking normal from a distance.

Instead, his hair has been cut out and a bushy tree in the background has replaced it.