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From Scotland to Japan the most hauntingly beautiful cemeteries

U.S travel blogger Loren Rhoads has penned the book 199 Cemeteries to See Before You Die revealing some of the most unusual and stunning places for burials around the world.

Cemeteries might not be an obvious tourist spot, but many see thousands of visitors each year.

And the world's most hauntingly beautiful burial sites that combine ornate tombstones and stunning landscapes have been revealed in a new book.

Travel blogger Loren Rhoads has penned the book 199 Cemeteries to See Before You Die detailing what makes these cemeteries unique.

Among the burial grounds featured in the book is Mount Koya cemetery in Japan, where 10,000 lanterns illuminate a forest setting and Arlington National Cemetery in the US, where cherry blossom trees bloom in the spring.

Ms Rhoads said: 'I love the serendipity of wandering through a cemetery. My favourite is always the cemetery I’m standing in at the moment.'

Scroll down to see some of the stunning cemeteries featured in the book.

Pink cherry blossom trees in bloom surround the military graves at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. It is the burial ground for those who have fallen in conflicts for the United States

The Skogskyrkogården cemetery in the Swedish capital Stockholm lit up by candles. It is the final resting place of actress Greta Garbo 

The Poblenou Cemetery in Barcelona, which houses the tombs of many famous Catalans, which are tightly packed in 

La Recoleta Cemetery in the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires is often regarded as one of the most beautiful in the world. One of the most famous graves there is that of Eva Peron 

Mirogoj Cemetery is one of the most recognisable landmarks in the Croatian city of Zagreb. Croatians of all religions are buried in the graveyard 

The Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris is the biggest in the French capital and attracts 3.5million visitors each year. Notable people buried here include Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison

The vast northern entrance to the stunning Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York, which is said to have inspired the creation of Central Park in Manhattan

The Granary Burying Ground is the third-oldest in Boston and attracts visitors to the graves of former Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts John Hancock, Declaration of Independence signer Robert Treat Paine and Founding Father Samuel Adams

The elaborate gravestones at the Protestant Cemetery in Rome, which is the final resting place for English poets Keats and Shelley

On Mount Koya in Wakayama Prefecture stands Japan's largest cemetery - and it's utterly enchanting. Over 200,000 graves and tombs lie in a forest, which is lit by lanterns at night. Mount Koya became a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2004. The most memorable way of reaching the mountain is by train from Osaka to Gokurakubashi, at the base of the mountain. It's a very scenic ride through the peaks at the end. From there a funicular railway ascends to Koyasan, home to dozens of Buddhist temples, many of which offer accommodation

The Chernivtsi cemetery in Ukraine is one of the biggest preserved Jewish burial grounds in Europe. The size of the tombs indicate wealth and status

Over one million people have been buried in the Powązki Cemetery in Warsaw, Poland, which is full of elaborate monuments 

The rural graveyard next to the small St Oran's Chapel on the Scottish Isle of Iona. The ancient burial ground is said to house the remains of Pictish kings 

The skyline of the Japanese city of Yokohama, the second biggest in the country, can be viewed from the Foreign General Cemetery Museum

The Japanese monument at the centre of the Manzanar Cemtery in California. Over 135 internees died at Manzanar - a relocation camp for the Japanese during the Second World War