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Drag queen Courtney Act flashes everything in horrifyingly dramatic CBB entrance

The drag queen - whose real name is Shane Gilberto Jenek - flashed EVERYTHING in the embarrassing moment

Courtney Act had the most embarrassingly dramatic entrance to the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The drag queen - whose real name is Shane Gilberto Jenek - tripped up and lost her skirt as she entered the Channel 5 house.

The audience got an eyeful as they saw Courtney's penis tucked and taped up!

Courtney - who identifies as gender fluid and uses they/them pronouns when not in drag - looked absolutely horrified as the stunning sequinned skirt flew off.

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(Image: WireImage)

(Image: Credit: Lia Toby/WENN)

(Image: WireImage)

But that wasn't even the only time it happened!

Entering the house, Courtney told the housemates all about the embarrassing moment.

It didn't seem like the housemates believed her - until it happened again right in front of their eyes!

Emma Willis couldn't believe what happened, but seemed to love the wardrobe malfunction.

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(Image: Credit: Lia Toby/WENN)

(Image: WireImage)

Before the fated moment, Courtney had been wearing a sequined crop top and skirt split right up to the thigh.

She was compared to Bianca Gascoigne for her blonde wig, and stunning makeup - which she revealed takes three hours to put on!

Courtney went in the house along with John Barnes, Jonny Mitchell, Dapper Laughs, Shane Lynch, Wayne Sleep and Andrew Brady.

*Celebrity Big Brother continues on Channel 5 at 9pm tomorrow