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Does this Love Island task line-up prove who Megan couples up with tonight?

UNLUCKY-in-love doctor Alex George may have got a dose of romance if these new pictures from tonight’s episode are anything to go by. The Islanders are seen standing in what looks like their …

UNLUCKY-in-love doctor Alex George may have got a dose of romance if these new pictures from tonight's episode are anything to go by.

The Islanders are seen standing in what looks like their final pairings, with Alex seemingly coupled up with his love interest Megan Hanson Barton.

Could this line-up mean that Alex has coupled up with new girl Megan?

As far as fans know, a recoupling will take place at the start of tonight' episode which was filmed during the evening.

This new snapshot, taken from after the recoupling, shows the group standing in what appears to be their new couple formations.

The couples are Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer, Eyal Booker and Georgia Steel, Wes Nelson and Laura Anderson, Adam Collard and Rosie Williams, Charlie Frederik and Hayley  Hughes, and finally Alex and Megan.

Samira Mighty and Josh Denzel are out of shot in the snap but are the ones leading the task, meaning it's likely they have also coupled up together.

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If these formations are correct, and Alex did finally get his girl, fans will no doubt rejoice after seeing him struggle to find a partner.

The potential coupling comes after new girl Megan found herself torn between Eyal and Alex last night - only for Eyal to publicly kiss her in front of Alex.

Fans blasted the model as a snake and said they were disgusted by his attempt to assert himself as top dog against his chivalrous love rival.

These new pictures of the gang were taken just moments before the show's most stomach-turning task to date.


The Islanders have to perform the messiest task yet in tonight's episode


The love hopefuls have to transport a three-course meal with their mouths from one point to another

Tonight they go mouth-to-mouth in a bizarre feeding challenge, where they have to move food as quickly as possible using only their mouths.

Charlie broke news of the challenge after receiving a text from producers and appears apprehensive about the task ahead.

He read aloud: "Islanders, it's time for all couples to enjoy a romantic dinner for two in today's challenge, Meals On Wheels. #MouthToMouth #DinnerIsServed."

Once in the challenge area, Samira explained: "Today's challenge is called meals on wheels. You must move the three-course meal and drink from one side of the stage to the other.

"However, you must move the foods using your mouths."


Samira read out the rules of the task to her fellow housemates

The remaining contestants worked with their partners to get soup, spaghetti meatballs and champagne across a terrace.

Laura later admitted in the Beach Hut: "Honestly, I didn't feel like I was going to be sick.

"I was fine. It was like my perfect meal. I love soup, I love spaghetti meatballs, I love profiteroles and champagne."

When asked if she became more attracted to Jack during the task, Dani joked: "No, it definitely wasn't like Lady and the Tramp. He had all meatballs hanging out of his mouth."


Elsewhere in the show Laura lays into Adam for his disrespectful behaviour

Determined Josh later revealed: "I wanted to win so badly I thought, I don't care how disgusting this is."

But it's not all fun and games as tonight's Love Island episode also promises plenty of drama with Laura unleashing her fury on Adam.

She told her co-stars: "Adam has literally been a bit of a p**** since he came in.

"He doesn't in my eyes really deserve the chance to have any beautiful girl pine after him."

Laura added: "Because I just feel like he's probably went through his whole life having that.

"No one's going to respect him if he treats girls this way. This is what we all came here not to find, because we've all been through it before."

It comes after Adam left Rosie in tears after calling her "needy."