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Christine and Frank Lampard announce they're having their first baby

CHRISTINE Lampard is expecting her first baby with ex-football star husband Frank. The footballer and the presenter announced the news on their Instagram accounts. Christine, 39, said: “I fee…

CHRISTINE Lampard is expecting her first baby with ex-football star husband Frank.

The footballer and the presenter announced the news on their Instagram accounts.

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Christine and Frank Lampard have announced that they are expecting their first baby together

Christine, 39, said: "I feel SO excited, nervous and grateful! The list of emotions is endless."

Frank, 39, said: "We have some exciting news we wanted to share with you.

"The Lampard family is growing!😀 My gorgeous wife @christinelampard is pregnant and we all couldn’t be happier!!!"

A family source said: “The family are very excited about this news.

"Frank told the girls on Monday and although they don’t know the sex of the baby the girls are working on names."


Frank and Christine both announced the news on their social media accounts

In February 2018 Christine spoke about the prospect of having a baby.

She said: “If it happens, of course it will be wonderful. If not we have the two girls – and one is about to embark on her teenage years, so that is a whole other chapter about to happen.

"That is honestly where our heads are at, and we just enjoy life as best we can in between.”

And in 2016 she discussed children on Loose Women.

She said: "Oddly enough at 37, if you don’t have babies, it’s all I get asked.

"Firstly it’s, 'oh you’re 37! No babies yet?'

"That’s a really big question. It doesn’t bother me really but it’s something I would never ask another girl.

"Purely because I have so many friends who have been through terrible struggles to have little babies and you just don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors and what’s going on in other people’s lives.


The duo have already discussed baby names with Frank's children

"It’s a question I would never ask anyone but I get asked it loads."

And she spoke about children in her most recent interview with the Sun on Sunday.

She said: “You get asked a lot about kids and it is the sort of question where you go, ‘I don’t know why anyone else is even remotely interested’.

“It’s just one of those things.

"We’ll see what happens, that’s how I see it.

“We’ve got Frank’s little girls half of the week anyway so we’ve got a lot of kiddie stuff going on, well, almost teenager stuff.

“I’ve had the trial run totally, I know what I’m doing.


Frank and Christine married in 2015

"I missed out on art homework last night because I was out at a dinner.

"I’ve had a trial run for being a mum

"The eldest came back with paints and I was about to walk out of the door.

"I could see her face drop because Daddy was going to have to help.

“I’ve got my hands dirty in all activities.

"Making slime is the most recent thing that all ­youngsters are doing.

"They’re obsessed with it.”

Frank already has daughters Luna, 12, and Isla, ten, from his previous relationship with Elen Rivas.

He separated from ex-fiancee and Elen Rivas, 43, in 2009.

The News of the World first reported the Spanish model was moving out of their London home with their two daughters.

In the October of that same year Frank began dating Christine Bleakley, 39, later admitting it was "love at first sight".

The pair got engaged in June 2011 after she accepted a surprise proposal in Los Angeles.

They married in December 2015 at St Paul's Church, Chelsea.