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Celebrate National Chocolate Day by tucking into one of these indulgent chocolate recipes

Cakes, tarts, pies, soufflés and more:

Cakes, tarts, pies, soufflés and more: top chefs and food writers offer their most indulgent and inventive new cocoa-inspired recipes.

John Whaite's chocolate and liquorice tart

Trish Deseine's Guinness chocolate cake

Kirsten Tibballs’ chocolate soufflés

William Curley’s hazelnut rochers

Victoria Glass’s white chocolate and blueberry blondies

Marcus Wareing’s rich, gluten-free chocolate cake

Martha Collison’s zebra cheesecake

Phoebe Wood and Kirsten Jenkins’ salted chocolate and date pie

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Life - Entertain

In 1980, a 'spotty teenager' wrote to Roald Dahl. Here is his priceless response

Roald Dahl may be best known for writing children’s stories, but when it came to adults he didn’t mince his words. When aspiring writer Jay Williams sent the author a letter in 1980 asking for feedback on a short story he had written for an A-Level project, he never expected to get a response – let alone such a blunt one. To his surprise, Dahl took the time to write a write to him, warning the 17-year-old to stop using so many “beastly adjectives”, and advising him to study “American short story writers”.   

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