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CBS News poll: Most Americans don't think GOP tax bill helps middle class

New CBS News polling shows the majority of Americans disapprove of the GOP's proposed tax bill and do not believe it is geared toward lowering taxes for the middle class. CBS News director of elections and surveys Anthony Salvanto joins CBSN to break down the poll numbers.

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12 best cycling tights for winter

A decent pair of tights will help you shrug off the worst of the winter weather. We’ve been out in everything from sleet to sunshine, racking up miles to bring you the best on the market. Whether you’re looking for the stylish shorter “knicker” look or full-length weatherproof designs, you’ll find a pair to suit you here. Watch out for features such as ankle zips for ease of entry, and water resistant fabrics that will shed moisture before it can soak in. If you’re a fairweather rider, then the cheaper fleecy leggings will see you through the next few months in comfort.

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