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Box Office: Today's The Day 'Wonder Woman' Tops $400 Million

As of today, 'Wonder Woman' is the 27th movie to cross $400 million in North America.

Warner Bros.

'Wonder Woman'

With $395,000 on Monday and a new total of $399.827 million, Wonder Woman will cross the $400m mark today, on its 68th day of domestic release. It is the 27th-such film to cross said milestone in North America, not accounting for inflation or reissues, and the fourth-slowest such title (sans re-issues) behind Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (74 days) and The Hunger Games (80 days) and Frozen (155 days). Technically the slowest remains Jurassic Park and Star Wars, both of which took 19.75 years each, if you want to count re-released offerings.

It is less than $1 million away from Frozen and less-than $3m behind Spider-Man. Despicable Me 3 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 may make more worldwide, but Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is the movie of the summer.

In terms of female-led releases, it is currently behind only Frozen ($400 million), The Hunger Games ($408m), The Hunger Games: Catching Fire ($424m), Finding Dory ($486m), Beauty and the Beast ($504m), Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ($532m) Jurassic World ($652m), Titanic ($658m) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($937m).

Once it gets past Frozen, the Patty Jenkins pic will be the biggest domestic grosser ever with a female director (Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck co-directed that Walt Disney toon). It’s already far-and-away the biggest global and domestic grosser with a solo female filmmaker at the helm, way past the likes of Twilight ($191m) or (adjusted for inflation) Look Who’s Talking in North America and Kung Fu Panda 2 ($665m) and Mama Mia! ($609m) around the world.

Once it gets past Spider-Man ($403 million), it’ll be the biggest domestic comic book and/or superhero movie behind Captain America: Civil War ($408m), Iron Man 3 ($409m), The Dark Knight Rises ($448m), Avengers: Age of Ultron ($458m), The Dark Knight ($534m) and The Avengers ($623m). Adjusted for inflation, it will merely rank 14th on said list (counting The Matrix Reloaded).

It has biggest domestic gross for a film not released by Walt Disney or Universal/Comcast Corp. since The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in late 2013. Regarding 3D releases, it is the biggest non-Disney/Universal offering since Avatar at the end of 2009. It is the leggiest “opened on a Friday” $100m+ opener ever (second overall to Shrek 2) and had a bigger tenth weekend than (offhand) Toy Story 3 and Spider-Man.

This indicates that it might take a run at $410-$415 million if it can hold onto screens (and especially if it ends up in the year-end awards conversation). If it makes it to $409m, it will be the second-leggiest movie (behind Shrek 2) with an opening of higher than $80m. And if it gets past Iron Man 3, it’ll be the biggest superhero grosser not involving Batman or The Avengers. It’s already the leggiest “opened on a Friday” live-action comic book superhero movie since Blade 19 years ago.

In terms of legs for movies that opened on a Friday with at least $60 million, it’s already behind only Inside Out ($356m/$90m), Avatar ($749m/$77m), Zootopia ($341m/$75m), Finding Nemo ($339m/$70m), Up ($293m/$68m), Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe ($291m/$65m), Monsters, Inc. ($255m/$62m) and Cars ($244m/$60m). It’s already the leggiest such release that isn’t explicitly a kids-flick/animated movie aside from Avatar.

We’ve already got Wonder Woman 2 slotted for Dec. 13, 2019, and we’ll see her again in Justice League on Nov. 17, 2017 and (presumably) in Flash Point (since the original story and DCAU adaptation was an everybody into the pool ensemble story arc) whenever that one comes out. And, numbers and stats aside, Wonder Woman is a testament to that moviegoers will show up when they get something that they really want and they really like.

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