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Are these the world's most beautiful interiors?

Here we present a selection of the most striking interior spaces around the world, shortlisted for the 2017 INSIDE World Festival of Interior awards. The annual event highlights the best interiors across nine categories, from bars, restaurants and hotels to shops, offices and public facilities. The winners will be announced later this year at the festival, which takes place in Berlin this year from November 15-17.  

Fabricwood in Xtra's Herman Miller shop


By: Produce Workshop

The 20 metre by seven metre space features a series of dramatic arches that frame the entrances and other connecting areas of the Xtra design store, as well as as its adjacent café. It's enveloping design creates a "shop within a shop" feel.  

By Soo Kim 

INSIDE World Festival of Interiors

CHA-Chinese Restaurant of Wanda Vista Hefei

Hefei, China

By: Wanda Hotel Design Institute

The striking restaurant forms part of the Wanda Vista Hefei luxury hotel in the east of China. 

The Jackalope hotel

Melbourne, Australia

By: Carr Design Group

The luxury hotel set in the Mornington Peninsula wine region was designed to depict "a delicate interplay between the ideal and surreal", with custom-made interiors featuring installations and other artwork curated in collaboration with designers from around the world. 

Adidas New York

New York, US

By: Adidas with Checkland Kindleysides and Gensler

The four-storey 45,000 sq-ft shop is the largest branch ever built for the designer trainer brand. Inspired by American high school sports and stadiums, the store features a tunnel entrance (similar to ones that athletes would run through to get to the playing field), as well as locker room-style changing rooms where visitors can try on the sports gear, and bleachers (where spectators would sit in a sports field) from where customers can watch live sports within the shop. 

The Ir-On hotel

Bangkok, Thailand

By: Hypothesis

The hotel's use of metals as its main design element pays homage to the building's more than 30 years within the Thai steel industry. Set in the heart of Bangkok in the peaceful Sukhumvit district, it is a five-10 minute walk from the city's trendy Thong Lor district. 

Nimman Spa

Shanghai, China

By: Maos Design

The colour interior of the spa set in the basement of a Shanghai shopping mall was said to have been inspired by lush tropical greenery seen across the country's urban landscape.

Jianliju Theatre

Shanghai, China

By: More Design Office

Set in a non-descript street in central Shanghai, the theatre company is known to offer a "unique spectator experience" where visitors play a part in the performances, arriving with the knowledge of only a time, location and number at the site.

"From the door a stair leads down into the darkness and from there the circulation seeks to create a sense of departure from the world outside, a deliberate act of disorientation initiated by a dark curved corridor that emphasises low-key lighting and unbalanced compositions leads to the spaces inside," the design group describes. 

Harrods Grand Entrance Hall

London, England

By: Make Architects

The £20 million new entrance hall open last year, featuring 16 sets of double escalators "cladin a sinuous sheath of nickel bronze", as part of what was described to the most complex refurbishments of the Grade II-listed building ever done. 

Tate Modern Terrace Shop

London, England


The purpose-built shop set at the base of the gallery's controversial angular extension was designed with three areas - generalist, specialist and children (differentiated by varied accents of wood on their display shelves) - that could be easily reconfigured to adapt to the museum's changing exhibition and event schedule. 

The Winton Gallery at the Science Museum

London, England

By: Zaha Hadid Architects

This permanent gallery tells the story of how mathematics has shaped our world. "Conceived as a wind tunnel for the largest object in the gallery – a Handley Page aircraft from 1929 – the space follows the lines of airflow around it in a stunning display of imagined aerodynamics," explains the company's website.

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Hotel Mono


By: Spacedge Designs

The minimalist hotel features 46 rooms, no two of which are the same apart of their monochrome design and a black metal bar looping through each room tripling as a light fixture, coat hanger and art installation. 

The St Regis Vommuli Island Resort


By: WOW Architect | Warner Wong Design

"This far-flung tropical island resort offers a daringly designed environment in a deliciously secluded location," describes Telergraph Travel's Lee Cobaj who has stayed at the resort. 

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The Whale Bar

The Maldives

By: WOW Architects | Warner Wong Design

"The hotel has taken its design inspiration from Maldivian lagoon life and the results are sensational. Eye-popping organic architecture flows through the resort, from the powerful curves of the Whale Bar to the twisting conch-shell-shaped boutique to the family villas which line the line the beachfront like a fleet of wooden dhoni boats setting out to sea," say Lee Cobaj.

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Seoul, South Korea

By: Neri&Hu Design and Research Office

Created by Chinese design studio Neri&Hu, who designed the largest ever retail department at Selfridges last year (The Body Studio), this flagship store of Asian skincare brand Sulwhasoo is set in the upmarket Gangnam district of the bustling South Korean capital. Its cage-like geometric design made of brass rods is said to be symbolic of lanterns that are meant to shed light on the beginning and ends of people's journeys.

The framework extends from the exterior of the shop through the interior and aims to "capture the customer immediately as they approach the building, create an experience that continues to unfold during the journey through the store," according to the architects.

Butterfly Aviary & Noor Café on Noor Island

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

By: 3deluxe architecture

The 230sq-m space, housing more than 500 exotic butterflies (said to be flown in from Malaysia twice a week) that can be viewed at all stages of their development, features a gold-coloured, leaf-shaped roof covering and all-glass facade offering skylit views. 

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Restaurant 01

Utrecht, Netherlands

By: i29 Interior Architects

The restaurant at the top of the De Bijenkorf department store features a unique floor pattern of hexagons forming a honey comb-like shape was inspired by the shop's name, which means beehive in Dutch. Its green touches reference food and the abundance of variee flavours avaialble in its open kitchen. 

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TOKU Japanese Cuisine Restaurant

Shenzhen, China

By: Shenzhen Yi Ding Design

The Japanese whiskey bar, with a dark and sleek design feel, is said to offer some of the world's best award-winning and limited edition whiskies. 

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Fluid Bar Exchange

Chandigarh, India

By: Studio Ardete

The striking neon-lit restaurant has also been shortlisted in this year's Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 

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Bamboo's Eatery

Nanjing, China

By: Minggu Design

The restaurant's thatched bamboo-clad facade is also played out within its interior, framing the space across three levels. 

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5-7 St Helen's Place with The Leathersellers' Hall

London, England

By: Eric Parry Architects 

The RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) London Award-winning building features a meticulously designed interior with several references to the Leathersellers' trade history, from its furnishings to the detailing in the ceramic tiles.  

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