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Aldi launches a Yorkshire pudding BURRITO for Christmas

Aldi has launched a Yorkshire pudding burrito filled with beef brisket and gravy. The Christmas centrepiece which feeds five people will be on sale for £7.99 during 'the winter months,' according to Aldi.

Burritos are one of the trendiest street foods to explode on the culinary scene in the last few years.

To capitalise on the trend discount supermarket Aldi is to launch a very festive version of this Mexican treat for £7.99 which replaces the traditional tortilla wrap with a Yorkshire pudding.

The pudding wrap will be filled with beef brisket and a rich red wine and onion gravy, and is big enough to feed five people.

But shoppers can't decide if the burrito sounds delicious or disastrous.

A burrito is traditionally a tortilla wrap filled with beans, rice and meat, such as chicken or pork. 

This new burrito is however a much more British take on the Mexican classic.

Aldi's Specially Selected British Beef Brisket Burrito is a true winter warmed that is filled with slow-cooked pulled beef brisket in a porcini mushroom sauce that is then hand-wrapped in a Yorkshire pudding.

Shoppers were divided over the Yorkshire pudding burrito, with some calling it 'bliss' and others saying Aldi should 'leave perfectly good food alone'

Aldi is not the first to come up with this idea however - something shoppers on Twitter have noticed.

They say there are several outlets in the north of England which sell a similar Yorkshire pudding wrap or burrito. 

A video of a Yorkshire pudding wrap sold by The York Roast Co went viral a few weeks ago after it was featured on BBC Radio York, proving there is a demand for such an unusual concoction.

Some say the new Aldi centrepiece sounds delicious, with many tweeting that they can't wait to get their hands on it.

However others are less enthusiastic.

Several have tweeted their cynicism of the dish, with one saying that Aldi should 'leave perfectly good food alone'.

The burrito will be on sale nationwide throughout the winter months.