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A former 'workaholic' sells home and possessions and lives in a van 

Shane Jordan, 33, from Los Angeles, has left his old life behind. He sold his house and has now been travelling North America for three months alongside his girlfriend, Natalie Thepphomma.

This is the man who was left so burned out by work that he decided to pack it all up in favour of a life on the road in his classic VW van.

Shane Jordan, 33, from Los Angeles, who describes himself as an 'ex-workaholic', has now been travelling North America for three months alongside his girlfriend, Natalie Thepphomma.

He made the life-changing decision after becoming tired of the stresses of being a small computer-business owner, which left him searching for a change.

Shane Jordan decided to sell his home and his non-essential possessions to live life on the road

Mr Jordan's girlfriend, Natalie, eats beside the van. The pair have been on the road travelling the US and Canada for three months 

Natalie pictured after enjoying a quick dip in the water, the pair having driven their van on to the beach

The van has everything they need to live, including a small kitchen and bed. Mr Jordan spent two years refurbishing the vehicle 

And Mr Jordan, a motor vehicle enthusiast, had what he describes as a 'lightbulb moment' after stumbling across a Volkswagen van online.

He said: 'I've been into cars as long as I can remember.

'In 2014 I bought a 1964 VW Beetle and started learning about the diehard VW culture that exists around the world.

'One day I came across a VW Vanagon Westfalia, which I fell in love with. As soon as I saw the van it was like one of those lightbulb-going-off-life-altering moments I will never forget.

'I located one for sale in Flagstaff, Arizona, and promptly rented a one-way car to begin the seven-hour drive to pick it up.

'I just about managed to get it back home before it died, literally on my driveway.'

It was love at first sight when Mr Jordan saw his VW Vanagon Westfalia advertised online

Mr Jordan drove seven hours to Flagstaff, Arizona, to pick the van up. Its original colour was brown, but the 33-year-old repainted it surfer blue

This image shows a jubilant Mr Jordan throwing his hands in the air during a journey across a wilderness

Once Mr Jordan safely got the van home, he then set about painstakingly refurbishing it over the course of two years, leaving no stone unturned in turning his purchase into the ultimate road tripping companion.

Among one of the more noticeable changes was changing the colour of the vehicle from assuan brown to Ford surf blue.

He then bravely proceeded to sell his home and possessions to begin the transition to living out of his van full time.

The van includes a small stove where the couple are able to cook their meals while they are out on the road 

The van also has power outlets and a space for the couple to relax in when they are not driving from place to place around North America

Mr Jordan drives across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. In the future, the pair plan to drive down to Patagonia in Argentina 

Mr Jordan said: 'Being in the van allows me to explore a new place as often as I like'

Mr Jordan explained: 'I methodically went through every system of the van including the engine, transmission, brakes and suspension.

'Because the van is 35 years old I needed to go through every single part of it to make it reliable.

'I've had to upgrade a lot of components and because of all the modifications it is bigger and heavier than it was before so it needed a bigger engine.

'I spent hundreds of hours just researching everything for the build, let alone actually doing the build. Thankfully the hard work seems to have paid off so far.

'In January of this year, I sold my home and most non-essential possessions before I started living and travelling out the van full time.'

Mr Jordan's girlfriend lights a fire on the beach with the van in the background. Nearly every part of the van was upgraded while it underwent a transformation

A vapour trail steaks across a red sky in yet another epic location that the couple have explored

It took Mr Jordan a long time to convert the van, including hundreds of hours researching how to upgrade it

Ms Thepphomma gazes out across the landscape. So far she has clocked up 10,000 miles with her partner

The van is so old that Mr Jordan had to examine every single part of it to make sure that it would be reliable

Since hitting the road, the young couple have already clocked up a staggering 10,000 miles, travelling around much of the United States and Canada.

However, this is just a drop in the ocean compared to Mr Jordan's future plans for the pair and their trusty van.

He added: 'Starting in May, Natalie and I have travelled up the West Coast to Seattle, then towards north-east USA where I grew up.

'We then headed to Brunswick and Nova Scotia in Canada before driving back down the East Coast, which has led us to our current destination of Florida.

Since hitting the road, the young couple have travelled around much of the United States and Canada

Mr Jordan says they are always getting stopped by passers-by, who are impressed with the van and want to share their memories of VW vehicles

After re-fitting the van Mr Jordan realised that it was much heavier - so he added a brand new engine

Coasting through life: Waves lap on the shoreline as Ms Thepphomma strikes a joyful pose

'About a year ago though I decided I wanted to attempt to drive to Patagonia in Argentina, the Southern tip of South America.

'We have people approach us with questions every time we stop.

'I've never seen a vehicle get as much attention as this one and the response is overwhelmingly positive.

'We get older folks who have memories of VW vans coming up to us as well as younger ones who dream about doing a similar trip of their own.

'Being in the van allows me to explore a new place as often as I like and I also get the time to slow down and really experience where I'm visiting.'

The couple don't always get the views to themselves - occasionally they are joined by others in the van life community

Mr Jordan said that the original van was in such bad shape that it died on his driveway when he returned home