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17 People Who Need To Think Long And Hard About Their Life Choices

This is a disgrace.

1. Whoever decided to make this atrocious disaster:

arugulamilkshake / Via instagram.com

2. And the person who decided to ruin this hot dog:

LaikaToplake / Via reddit.com


3. Whoever decided to get real fancy with a lump of canned beans:

arugulamilkshake / Via instagram.com

4. And the person who is trying to make us all vomit:

bullshrimp.exe / Via instagram.com

5. Whoever thought this idea would be delicious:

mariatherese / Via instagram.com

6. And the person who disrespected this slice of pizza:

Egddios / Via reddit.com

7. Whoever whipped up this mixed mess:

arugulamilkshake / Via instagram.com


8. And the person who thought they were being elegant:

arugulamilkshake / Via instagram.com

9. Whoever thought this would be appetizing:

producermattamp / Via instagram.com

10. And the person who came up with this experimental ramen omelet:

mostspitefulguy / Via reddit.com

11. Whoever thought this would make a tasty breakfast:

arugulamilkshake / Via instagram.com

12. And the person brave enough to put champagne in chip form:

sumptuousbeauty38 / Via instagram.com


13. Whoever thought ravioli belonged in a sandwich:

Twitter: @TheSolidNoteRob

14. And the person who ruined PB&J for all of us:

ryan64k / Via instagram.com

15. Whoever thought to ruin a perfectly good bowl of pasta:

PM-longbois / Via reddit.com

16. And the person who thought pizza would be even better in a sandwich:

bondiblue2k1 / Via reddit.com

17. And finally, whoever came up with...whatever disaster this is:

johnmarkfoley / Via reddit.com

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