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17 Hilarious Tweets Only Legit Foodies Will Laugh At

I'm quite ~fond~ of these tweets.

1. This accurate depiction of cooked spinach:

shut up, mike ginn @shutupmikeginn

Cooking spinach

03:51 AM - 31 Mar 2016

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2. This hard truth for anyone cooking in a small apartment:

Julius Sharpe @juliussharpe

Smoke detectors are basically just you-suck-at-cooking detectors.

01:40 AM - 29 Dec 2014

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3. And this genius solution:

Lemerica @lemmywinkler

Billion dollar idea. A smoke detector that shuts off when you yell "I'm just cooking!"

08:09 PM - 05 May 2015

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4. How bakers tell you they're busy:

Wackovidz88 @wackovidz88

It was apparently too hard to type the word "hi."#CookingJokes

12:05 AM - 04 Dec 2016

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5. When you're feeling both gourmet and lazy:

UR Fav Photographer @AmidNiteRomeo

#chefhumor #chefjokes #chef #cheflife #humor #funnyjokes #kitchen #foodnetwork #funny #cook #souschef

11:28 AM - 13 Apr 2017

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6. This handy pasta-cooking guide:

Mitten d'Amour @MittenDAmour

How to cook the perfect amount of pasta:1. Pour out how much you think you need2. Wrong

Thu May 23 18:14:25 UTC+0000 2013

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7. This valuable piece of advice for preventing ~melt~ downs:

Carlos G.2 @jeremynix

Don't ever piss off a master chocolatier... They're known for their temper :3 #chefpuns

07:07 PM - 07 Feb 2013

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8. This gourmet pickup line:

Emma Claire Smith @Chef_E_Claire

Are you mirepoix at the bottom of the pan? Cause baby I'm fond of you. #CulinaryPuns #Puns

12:51 PM - 19 Sep 2014

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9. This roux that is both buttery and ~bulletproof~:

Ned @OTedward


10:38 PM - 22 Mar 2016

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10. This punny chef who needed to clarify something:

sandy whistleton @djbuttstuff

JUST TO CLARIFY - i was talking abou warm butter lmao #cookingjokes

11:34 PM - 24 Oct 2014

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11. When you open the door to a convection oven:

Chef's Office @chefsofficeuk

Every Time Opening The Oven #memes #cheflife #chefmeme #chef

08:20 AM - 08 Sep 2016

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12. This ~offal~ attempt at a joke:

Darren Anderson @Icedpyre

How do you know when you should throw out the meat in your fridge?It looks offal.#chefpuns

06:51 PM - 06 Feb 2017

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13. The saddest spice of them all:

P Squared @paytonpope30

@PMuss1 #culinaryjokes

08:58 PM - 08 May 2014

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14. This walk-in cooler that's about to narrate my life:

Christopher O'Harra @ChefOHarra

Couldn't resist! #ChefHumor

09:10 PM - 26 Oct 2015

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15. Every time you go to the fridge or pantry:

paul @plshearing

That moment you realise you have forgotten what you came in to the fridge for #cheflife

02:38 PM - 14 May 2016

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16. And every time you grate cheese:

Marlin Catering @MarlinCatering

#Lunchtime #ChefMeme hehe! Who else does this?! #Sneaky

12:02 PM - 18 Dec 2015

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17. This crème brûlée that somehow split after it baked:

Chef Duane Keller @ChefDuaneKeller

Well that's one way of splitting a Creme Brûlée #chefhumor #cheflife #chefduanekeller

Sat Mar 04 03:27:24 UTC+0000 2017

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