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14 Times People Truly Disrespected Eggs

I feel unwell after seeing these...

1. That time the unicorn trend made its way into the egg world with these horrifying pastel creations...

Instagram: @septemberrose.tea, Instagram: @84thand3rd

Unicorns would NOT want pastel fried eggs OR rainbow clouds.

I mean, look at this yin-yang unicorn bullshit!

Instagram: @ragnaregil



And even this unicorn egg salad!

Instagram: @julesg12_

Unicorns are cool, eggs are cool too, but this is just too damn far.

2. That time someone decided it would be a good idea to make ACTUAL green eggs and ham.

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I would NOT like them here or there, I would NOT like them fucking ANYWHERE!

3. Or how about that time someone got all gothic on us and ~died~ their egg whites.

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I also died a little watching this...

4. These eggs that are being burned with a blow torch.

Instagram: @beckspe

This one just confuses me, TBH.

5. That time someone hard-boiled an egg for 10 hours.

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I'm also confused about this, but you can watch it here.


6. When someone cooked up scrambled eggs with vodka...

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I feel sick...


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7. This red scramble that looks more like Flamin' Hot Cheetos than a proper breakfast.

Instagram: @browngirlrising

I'm dangerously queasy.

8. The time someone tried turning eggs into dessert.

@senoritacupcake via Instagram / Via instagram.com

Let's be clear: Sprinkles are for cupcakes.

9. And when one egg dared to be different.

@honduranconquistador via Instagram / Via instagram.com

Don't eat it bro!


10. This ketchup massacre.

@kevinpiechocki via Instagram / Via instagram.com

Would you like a side of eggs with your ketchup?

11. The person who had the audacity to call this egg salad.

@nbm_weightlossjourney via Instagram / Via instagram.com

Stop giving good things a bad name.

12. And this horrific Pinterest fail.

@saynomofam via Instagram / Via instagram.com

Honey, you should maybe try avoiding grandma's cooking.

13. This poor yolk that was manhandled.

View this photo on Instagram


So jiggly.

14. And this very sad egg.

@al75green via Instagram / Via instagram.com

Also most likely how you feel about the current state of eggs.

So please, let this be a lesson — STOP GETTING SO DAMN CREATIVE WITH YOUR EGGS.

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